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Honoring a rare sisterhood of believers

15.08.2020 03:34:05
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Od: 2020-8-15
I suppose graduating from an all-girls high school may have influenced my belief that women are the strongest creatures that walk the earth. In addition to that, graduating from an all-girls nursing program simply verified my beliefs 100 percent.

Women hold the record for being able to do 10 things at once. One of our greatest gifts is being able to give birth. That is an incredible miracle. As wonderful as motherhood is (by birth or adoption or love), women have many options to complete and fulfill their lives.

Along with the special breed of woman that grows in Western New York, there is another community of strong and dedicated women who deserve much recognition.

These are the women who by choice dedicate their entire lives to God. If you grew up Catholic (or not) in the 1950s or '60s Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, you are sure to remember them. They are called nuns, or sisters, or religious clergy. For many of us (especially children), their presence was far from welcome. Often, the mere idea of "nuns" was connected to discipline, education -- and fear. Fifty years ago, most of these religious women wore long black tunics and a white coif attached to a long black veil.

Decades ago there were many nuns in different religious orders in Western New York. The order I became most familiar with is the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur Marlboro Cigarettes.

These sisters have always been an important part of my life Marlboro Cigarettes, whether they were teachers, mentors or friends. Many moons ago I considered making their life my own. However, my family and friends predicted that this would be a very unlikely event! Needless to say they were right.

But to this day I can remember the beautiful voices of the young sisters singing in the chapel.

About a year ago, I learned that this type of singing has been called "twice praying," in words and music. How's that for merit points? In some Catholic families, it was considered prestigious if a son or daughter was chosen by God to lead such a spiritual life. Those employed outside the convent were usually teachers, nurses or even missionaries. Our government had offered them Social Security, yet they unselfishly decided that we can take care of our own. Who knew?

Even though for a long time their population grew, the mystery of why young women were attracted to this type of life was never fully understood by outsiders Tobacco Shop. However, times have changed. Many women who joined the convent as young girls reversed their decision and left the life they once cherished. Most of the remaining sisters no longer wear the habits and veils. They now dress with a more "secular look" in mind. They are now employed as social workers Cigarettes Online, directors of church activities and some work in prison ministries. You name it, they do it! While many people are retiring in their mid-60s, these women work well into their 70s and beyond.

What makes these women so special? Even with the decline of vocations, the bonds these women share with the church and with each other remain strong Newport Cigarettes Website. Their prayer life, their work, their community and their dedication cannot be matched.

What impresses me the most is their intimacy with God. These Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, founded in Belgium, opened their first American house in Lockport in 1863 and later grew to the Buffalo area. Today these sisters are serving on all seven continents. In 1994 civil war broke out in Rwanda and the sisters who were working there were in great danger. That is when four sisters (who are actually local) ventured into Rwanda at the height of the bloody civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes. The four nuns evacuated 33 sisters and eight orphans. They came armed with cartons of cigarettes and whatever else that could be used to negotiate with the hostage-takers.

In the end, all escaped safely. I cannot begin to imagine the courage or even the fear these women had inside their souls when they performed such a daunting act of love. You think your job is stressful!

We have the honor of having these loving ladies reside along with us in Western New York. They have made not only Western New York a better place to live, but also the world beyond it.
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